Little Me

At 38 years of age the 10-year-old in me slips out more often than not. A fabulous afternoon  involves wrapping up in a blanket and making up wild stories in my head.  Playing in my imagination is still as exciting as it was when I was a child. The worlds I manage to inhabit in “there” are exciting and ambitious and fiery, or they are soft and gentle and quaint. But they are always extremely vivid and real to me. Finding myself lost in dreams is an everyday occurrence. I wait anxiously for those times when the real world slips away and I can sit in silence and run to my imagination. I’m always powerful and strong no matter what form I inhabit that day. It really is ok to dream and play and explore other worlds!

Yes. I am ignoring you.

No I don’t want to talk.

I’m dreaming dammit!

My oldest boy often tells me I’m weird. I’m not – I’m fun. And secretly he loves it. I don’t want a boring adult life. I will always find ways to play and be creative and experience pleasure. I’ll use that creativity and curiosity to build amazing opportunities for my family and myself. I think that too many of us confuse growing up with growing tired. We forget all the incredible things we experienced as children playing. I feel richer for my imagination and my desire to play. Don’t feed me your negative “adult” bullshit. Keep playing. Keep dreaming. Keep pushing and being who you’ve always dreamed you wanted to be.

I went to my best friends house the morning of Christmas eve for brunch. Per pre-requisite from her two-year-old daughter, women had to dress up in our sparkly dresses. Men were required to wear suit and tie. It was absolutely perfect. Coffee and pancakes in an evening gown! It just doesn’t get much better!

Go walk hand in hand with your friend on a sunny afternoon. It’ll do wonders for your outlook on life.

You wanted to be a super hero? (who didn’t) Go lie in a field, close your eyes and chose your power. Plug in your i-pod, pick your soundtrack and you’ll be walking through walls before you know it.

Let the child in you breathe. She/he is pretty powerful. I can’t wait to see where she takes you.


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